About Satmap Systems

Satmap Systems Ltd is a UK based company founded in October 2005. Since 2005 we have developed 2 high end handheld GPS devices that are designed for activities such as walking, hiking, cycling and off-roading. Aside from the Active series of GPS devices, we also have several hundred high quality maps from a number of reliable sources such as Ordnance Survey and OpenCycleMap. As of 2014 we have developed the Satmap Adventure Layer mapping, which uses OpenCycleMap data.

Active 10

Our first GPS device, the Active 10, was released in 2007. The Active 10 was purpose built for the outdoors, featuring a large screen, rugged casework and 2 axis electronic compass. The device is used by many Mountain Rescue Teams across Europe and received numerous awards.

Active 12

The Active 12, the successor to the Active 10, was released in 2014. The Active 12 brings a high resolution screen, 128MB of RAM, a barometric altimeter and Bluetooth connectivity. The Active 12 is our most recent GPS device and available for sale here

Satmap Xpedition

Released in 2011, Satmap Xpedition allows users to plot and share routes using mapping from a number of providers, including OCM, OS and our own Satmap Adventure Layer. Xpedition is a browser based application, requiring internet access and Microsoft Silverlight plug in.


SatSYNC is our free software that allows routes, POIs, etc to be transferred easily between Satmap GPS devices and computers. SatSYNC can also be used to transfer route files (and POIs, etc) exported from most route planning tools, including Xpedition. Satsync is available to download here