Active 20 User Guides

Please Note : The Active 20 Full User guide is in the final stages of preparation (draft below), detailing a host of new features compared to the Active 12, however the overall structure of the software is exaclty the same for the Active 12 and the Active 20. In the first instance, the Active 12 Full User Guide covers all of the getting-started aspects for the Active 20, and we are working hard to get this latest published as soon as possible.

Active 20 - Full User Guide (Draft)

The Full User Guide covering all the functions for your Active 20 (102 pages).

Active 20 - Full User Guide (English)   (Hi-Res version, 22MB)
Active 20 - Full User Guide (English)  (Low-Res Version, 6MB)
German - Coming Soon!

Active 20 - Quick Start User Guide

A quick reference guide to getting started with your Active 20.

Active 20 - Technical Specifications

A document outlining the technical details of the Active 20 GPS unit.

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