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Map Consolidation Service

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Satmap offers a Map Consolidation service which means we can combine several maps together onto one consolidated SD Card

Product Description

Many customers take their Satmap GPS everywhere with them whether walking, cycling or perhaps road-touring abroad. Satmap offers a Map Consolidation service which means we can combine several maps together onto one consolidated SD Card – this means you don't need to keep track of lots of individual map cards.

Please note that some map data is very large and would not perform well if consolidated, we would recommend you email [email protected] for any large map cards you wish consolidated and we will confirm if it is possible, or not.

Please note if you want to consolidate your existing map cards onto 1 SD card, they will need to be sent into us at Satmap for us to perform the map consolidation.

Due to licensing agreements we are unable to return your original SD cards

The address to send your map cards to is:

Mapping Team
Satmap Systems Ltd
4 Fountain House
Cleeve Road
KT22 7LX

Further Information

Below are some relevant linked articles from our knowledge centre that you might find useful.

I don't want to keep swapping map cards out - can I put my two maps onto one SD card?

Yes: Satmap GPS devices support high capacity SD Cards (SDHC), thereby allowing several maps to be installed onto one card. Satmap provides a consolidation service for map cards and more information about this product is on our web shop.


Default Category Posted on Tue 31st May 2016
I tend to use the Explorer maps almost exclusively but was tempted by the 1:25000 Adventurer maps which seem to have additional details on them not mentioned on the OS maps. That could have meant constant swapping of cards but consolidating both onto 1 card proved the perfect solution. Satmap made the process very simple and I am very pleased with the result. I now have one card that covers the whole UK with Explorer and Adventurer maps with a just a quick button press to switch from one to the other. Perfect!
Default Category Posted on Mon 7th Mar 2016
My Satmap 12 came with a full UK landranger map. I then bought the full UK explorer map. Swapping the card when out and about is really a non starter, so I decided to consolidate both maps onto one card. The system is very easy, you just pay your £20 and post your map cards to Satmap. I received a card back with both maps on within a couple of days. It operates seamlessly from one map to the other allowing you to zoom out for a wider map view or zoom in for paths etc. Thank you Satmap for an excellent service.
Default Category Posted on Sat 19th Dec 2015
How easy was that, I now have the hole of the UK in 1.50k and 1,25K on one SD card.
Very simple very quick and no changing cards again.

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