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Lynne’s Ride for Parkinson’s

I’m sure you will be pleased to know that on Saturday the 4th June I completed my challenge of the London Nightrider 2016 100km cycle event.  Although it was tough at times (and I couldn’t sit down for 24 hours afterwards without a cushion), theRead More

Andrew Richmond – Taking The Challenge

Please read the below article from Andrew Richmond, who is completing nine 26+ mile walking challenges for Macmillan Cancer Support: For many years I have enjoyed walking, hills, mountains, canals old railway walks, you name it I'll walk it. Over the last 14 years I've takenRead More

Life-saving mission for MTB rider by Kinder MRT:

Sunday 17 May 2015 and the end of a successful day’s training exercise was drawing to a close for Kinder Mountain Rescue Team; the team had gathered around the Land Rover to debrief, when a call came in from NW Ambulance service…injured mountain biker atRead More

Sport Relief 2016

  When Satmap was asked to assist with comedian Jo Brand's epic "Hell of a Walk" for Sport Relief, we were only too happy to help. Jo walked an amazing 135 miles from the Humber Bridge to Liverpool, aided on her way by the Satmap Active12. TheRead More

Satmap in the Bolivian Amazon

Satmap in the Bolivian Amazon -  In November 2015 Satmap provided TV safety expert Nick Parks with two Active 12 GPS devices for an expedition into the remote region of the Beni river deep in the Bolivian Amazon. The aim of the scientific expedition wasRead More

The Mountain Rescue Spine Challenger

  Continuing our series of ordinary folk doing extra-ordinary things; Tim Budd has just completed the Mountain Rescue Spine Challenger. Tim is a member of the Glossop Mountain Rescue Team and was helped on his way by the Satmap Active12, please read his message below:Read More

Satmap12 hilft den Johanniter in Schleswig-Flensberg

 Anke Oestreich mit Bloodhound Kika von der Schleswiger Rettungshundestaffel / Fotos: Nicole Lehr, Johanniter Unsere Satmap Active 12 GPS sind weltbekannt für Ihre Rolle als lebensnotwendige Geräte für Rettungsteams.   Die Johnanniter Hundesstaffel in Schleswig-Holstein benutzt unsere Geräte auf Ihre Einsätze um Vermisste zu suchen.   AnkeRead More

Satmap Video Competition

We are looking for some great video content to upload to our website, and would really appreciate some help from our customers. Please send us your videos of you using your Active12, and the best one will win you your choice of the prizes belowRead More